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1  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: Congratulations OggieDawg! on: April 08, 2016, 02:44:22 PM
damn! Congrats Oggie, that car has come a long way from when I last saw it.  cool
2  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: RIP Mistgreen50 (Jaime) on: December 29, 2015, 12:11:07 AM
Wow, sad news. Rest in peace brother. Cesar
3  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: long time lurker but new member in Atlanta ga on: November 05, 2015, 11:14:11 PM
Welcome. Plymouth looks clean, you did good. Cesar
4  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: painting rims with whitewalls still on question on: October 01, 2015, 10:08:53 PM
I saw this on another site, looks like it would work. 99 cent store playing cards
Bottom of page
5  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: ignition switch question on: May 20, 2015, 04:10:44 PM
someone run an experiment and see what happens Smiley

6  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: ignition switch question on: May 17, 2015, 05:31:31 PM
Get a different ignition switch with accessory position or wire it to the battery so you don't burn up anything.
Of coarse if you wire it to the battery you run the risk of leaving it on. Cesar
7  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: Removal of harmonic balancer on: May 11, 2015, 10:29:38 PM
I used a puller like this I had in my toolbox. I also had the other kind of puller with the 4 sides but this one felt more solid. A couple of bolts to attach it to the balancer and your good to go.

I had to stick a crowbar between the bolts to keep the whole engine from turning as you tighten up the big bolt on the puller.

I'm pretty sure all the balancers will fit but you should try and find one to match the waterpump to keep the pulley speeds where they were originally.

Mine are mismatched and have never had an issue, but some have mentioned that it could become a problem.
8  ChevyBombs The Forum / Show Your Finished Bomb / Re: 53,54 chevys on: April 21, 2015, 10:40:06 AM
nice coupe, that grille looks sharp with the extra teeth. Cesar
9  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: FEATURED MEMBER: Johnny Aranda aka AAA51 on: April 17, 2015, 04:19:17 PM
Nice. Good tradition to have between you guys and your pops.
Bonding through bombs, don't get no better than that.
Congratulations. Cesar
10  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: FEATURED MEMBER: Orlando aka loco53 on: April 16, 2015, 11:23:52 PM
Have always liked the look of your truck. The spinners just give it that look.
11  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: FEATURED MEMBER: Cesar Fierro aka 54fierro on: April 16, 2015, 09:59:10 PM
Yes it was. Daryl was his name.
Had some good times there.  Everybody was like family.

The place in back burned down and he moved to the location up front on highland.
It used to be a longs drugs.

I probably know your jefito if he went in while I was working.
I don't always remember names but I remember what you were working on Smiley
12  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: New Hidden Treasure Video on: April 16, 2015, 05:21:51 PM
Cool video, bomb or not your 58 looks clean. One of my favorite years. Cesar
13  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: why am I getting shocked when trying to adjust my timing? on: April 12, 2015, 10:10:41 PM
I think your having the negative stud that goes from the points to the coil.been there done that.
I got shocked once before and suspected that's what it was.
I didn't want to touch it again to verify that is what shocked me. Smiley
14  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: FEATURED MEMBER: TONY MORALES AKA 41 HELMET on: April 11, 2015, 08:54:43 AM
Very well written. Thanks Tony for sharing your thoughts. Cesar
15  ChevyBombs The Forum / Off Topic / Re: FEATURED MEMBER: HAPPY HOPPY on: April 08, 2015, 05:19:35 PM
If you look up "driver" a picture of your 54 would pop up. lol
Hows that 54 coming along.
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